v1.1 (latest)

Features added to this release:

  • multi-user support
  • syntax highlighting when editing
  • pass positional arguments to script runs
  • script import/export (coach-trader)
  • ignore all variations of non-compound (e.g. bash lines with &&, ;, <, etc.) commands

v1.0 (open source @

Initial release.


  • create, run, edit, and delete scripts written in bash, Powershell, Windows batch, and any interpreter that takes a filename as the first argument to run (python, ruby, nodejs, etc.)
  • query scripts by tag
  • edit saved scripts in your favorite editor
  • (non-Windows) track your command history and get prompted (can be silenced) to save commands that have been run multiple times
  • (non-Windows) pull previous lines in command history to start a script